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    Download books, how-to-documents, digital photography, astrophotography, and more.

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    Almost all of our photography is available as framed prints in a number of different sizes and frame types.

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    Consulting Services

    We provide a full suite of on-site computer and networking services ranging from simple virus removal to data recovery, recurring maintenance, network installation, and more

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    We normally ship all artwork within 72 hours. Expedited delivery available to most places in the U.S.

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    Just give us a call and let us know what it is you are looking for. We'll see what we can do.

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Who we are

You have reached the web pages of TrustC3.com, a consulting partnership that specializes in providing consulting and technical services to home computer users, as well as small and medium sized businesses.  In addition, TrustC3.com provides low-cost technology assistance to disabled, elderly, veteran, and orphaned users in the counties in and around Montgomery, Alabama.  We also provide similar services to some not-for-profit organizations, though we try to avoid those organizations whose mission is counter to our Christian principles.  

Our products

Our photo galleries can be reached through the "Photos" link at http://www.trustc3.com, or by clicking the bar at the top of this page.  Most any photo in our galleries can be printed and framed as a work of art, though a few were printed in very limited number and are no longer available.  We also expect to have quite a few files available as digital downloads as well, sometime this summer.